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First Vist at Maplewood Dental

On your first visit, you will receive a variety of assessments designed to help us get to know you and to get a complete picture of your dental and overall health. Afterward, you will receive a personal consultation that includes an overview of your treatment options. There will be many opportunities for you to ask any questions you have as well. Your first visit will include:

Q: What can I expect from my first appointment?

A: During your first appointment, your overall dental and oral health will be assessed with a comprehensive oral evaluation by one of our doctors. Upon completion of your medical / dental health form, we will ask you to tell us your goals regarding your smile, teeth, and gums. We want to ensure that all questions and concerns pertaining to your dental health are discussed. Intraoral photos and X-rays will be taken of your teeth to identify areas of decay, cracked teeth, and malfunctioning restorations. An Oral Cancer screening, TMJ and muscle evaluation, as well as a thorough examination of your teeth and gums will all be completed at this time. A customized treatment plan is established and presented during this time. However, if treatment recommendations are complex, a second consult appointment may be indicated to allow time for further discussion and explanation.

Q: Do you accept new patient referrals?

A: Over the years, patients have given us the compliment of referring family and friends to our practice. Our reputation for excellent dental care depends on two things: our good work and your beautiful smile. Your confidence in our care motivates us to continue to strive for excellence. Thank you for your referrals! Your trust and support are greatly appreciated.

Q: When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

A: Like any parent, you worry about your child’s health. Don’t forget about their oral health as well. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you take your child to the dentist by his or her first birthday? While that may seem a bit early for your child to receive dental treatment, it’s important to remember that baby teeth are essentially place-holders for the adult teeth that are soon to come.

A lifetime of happy smiles starts at year one, so schedule your baby’s one-year dental appointment today, and give your child a healthy start.



“My husband and I have been looking for a dentist since we moved to Delaware and I think we’ve found the one. I never felt rushed, everything was explained in detail, and all my questions were answered. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I was very happy with my experience.”




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